How to Celebrate National Car Care Month With a Jeep Wrangler

April 3rd, 2019 by

April is National Car Care Month and that means it’s time to get to work on giving vehicles the Spring cleaning treatment. Not only is good car care important to keep your Jeep running smoothly, it also helps keep it looking good for years to come. No other vehicle ventures off the beaten path the way that the Jeep Wrangler does and with that much adventure comes lots of cleanup and care. Here are some ways to keep a Jeep Wrangler running well and looking good.

It goes without saying that keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance is key when taking care of a Jeep Wrangler. Regular care will lengthen the vehicle’s life, contribute to better gas mileage, improve performance, and help maintain the overall value. Oil changes, mileage milestone services, and tire rotations are all extremely important. Additionally, all Jeep Wrangler vehicles have sophisticated 4×4 systems that require maintenance on a regular basis. Keeping a Jeep Wrangler in top condition is the key to avoiding expensive repair bills in the future.

Caring for the exterior is also important, especially for a vehicle like the Wrangler that enjoys a lot of time outdoors testing its limits and venturing off-road. A thorough cleaning is a must after any adventure. Factors like excess mud, sand or dust can cause corrosion of the clear coat if left to fester for a long period of time. A pressure washer is a great tool to remove all kinds of mud, sand, salt and other elements from the exterior of the Wrangler, while a good coat of wax afterward will work to preserve the paint and exterior, readying the Wrangler for the next adventure.

Keeping the interior clean can also be a challenge if constant off-roading is on the schedule. The inside of the Wrangler may get dusty, sandy, muddy or wet despite best efforts to keep it clean. After any off-road adventure, the interior should be cleaned to avoid permanent damage or accidental staining to the surfaces and carpet. Accessories like heavy duty floor mats or slush mats are relatively inexpensive and work as tools to keep the floor of your vehicle protected from the elements. If the mess is somehow too big to be contained – think off-roading without doors for example – by mats and occasional dusting, the latest-generation Wrangler interior is waterproof and has a drain plug so the interior can be thoroughly cleaned. Yes, even the touchscreen is waterproof.

Mopar offers plenty of accessories and products to help keep any Jeep Wrangler clean and looking good. There’s a front-end cover that’s great for protecting against slimy bugs or oncoming gravel, protecting the front of the hood and grille from rock chips or bug accumulation. Seat covers, along with cargo mats and carpet mats work to protect the interior from the sun, muddy clothes, and even general wear and tear. There are even vehicle covers that can protect a Wrangler from the effects of the South Florida sun and other elements.

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