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The Jeep Wave Program, not to be confused with the Jeep Wave greeting, gives owners even more of an opportunity to gain kinship. Exclusively available to Jeep owners, the Jeep Wave Program is a way for people to get the best care for their vehicles 24/7. New Jeep owners enjoy the service for free, while those who own 2016 models or older can enjoy the service for $150 per year. The Jeep Wave Program offers many features, including 24/7 support, no-charge same-day rental in case of emergency, VIP perks, and much more. 

What’s the Jeep Wave Program? 

A program designed to provide Jeep brand vehicle owners with exclusive 24/7 support, either via phone or online. A special package of benefits improves the ownership experience and functions as a way to support people’s loyalty to the Jeep brand. 

Jeep Wave Program Benefits

  • Exclusive owner support
  • Maintenance services 
  • Trip interruption protection
  • VIP treatment at special events nationwide
  • Access to an exclusive Savings Network that offers Jeep owners $500 worth of savings year-round


The following 2016 model year and newer Jeep vehicles are eligible for the Jeep Wave Program:

  • Wrangler
  • Grand Cherokee
  • Cherokee 
  • Compass 
  • Renegade

Additionally, Jeepers who own 2015 model year or newer vehicles, like the Gladiator, have the opportunity to enroll for an annual fee. They’ll experience the same exact benefits as other Jeep Wave Program participants. Owners looking to enroll can do so via the Jeep Wave page in the Care section of the Mopar site.


If an owner purchases a membership, they’ll have to wait up to 72 hours for it to reflect on the Mopar site. Those who are buying a brand new vehicle and want to fully activate a new Jeep Wave membership to receive full program benefits can create an active Jeep Vehicle Owner Account or an active Mopar Owner Account. Regardless of which account the owner uses, both are found at Once the account is created, either new vehicle owners or recent membership buyers, will both have access to savings and offers, along with checking their benefit status 24/7. 

Things to Know

  • Each Membership is linked to one specific VIN — protection and benefits are both singular. 
  • Members can have an unlimited amount of memberships as long as there’s a qualifying vehicle associated with said membership. 
  • The membership lasts two years when purchasing a new Jeep vehicle, while the one offered to buy-in owners is good for one year only and begins on the date of purchase. 
  • Yes, the Jeep Wave Program membership is renewable via the Buy-In option. Owners will be notified of their upcoming expiration via snail mail and on their online account as well. 
  • The membership — along with its benefits — is considered null and void if the vehicle is sold before the term expires. 

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