2020 Jeep Gladiator vs. 2020 Toyota Tacoma

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Make room Toyota Tacoma, there’s a new mid-size pickup truck aiming to be king – the all-new 2020 Jeep Gladiator. After a 26-year absence from the pickup segment, the Gladiator is the Jeep brand’s fulfillment of their long-rumored pickup truck. While the 2020 Tacoma does get a few upgrades for the 2020 model year – such as an available height-adjustable driver’s seat and Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto capabilities – it remains bland and unchanged when matched against the Gladiator. Let’s see how both of these pickups fare against one another.

Entry and Exit:

Both the Tacoma and the Gladiator require a big step up into their cabs, but what puts the Gladiator ahead of the Tacoma is the fact that it has a driver-side grab handle on the windshield pillar. That extra feature makes entering the cab of the Gladiator that much easier, not to mention the fact that the Gladiator also does have running boards – that won’t be ripped off should enthusiasts choose to venture off-road. The Tacoma does not have a grab handle at all.

Cabin Comfort:

Although Toyota tried to make the Tacoma’s driving position significantly better, they ended up highlighting one of the truck’s shortcomings: its limited headroom. The backseat of the Tacoma poses the same problem, but the Gladiator offers seating positions that aren’t as uncomfortable. And anyway, the Gladiator offers a removable roof, so technically there’s unlimited headroom for those who want it.


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) prides itself on its interiors, and the 2020 Jeep Gladiator is no exception. Soft-touch door panels, dashboard stitching, quality materials, low-gloss materials, and other subtle details provide the perfect mix to make the Gladiator feel both rugged and premium. The Tacoma offers an interior that’s heavy on plastic design – even on the higher-end trims, and the exact same thing Jeep used to be ridiculed for a decade or so ago. Nowadays, FCA interiors are impressive and the attention to detail and focus on interior quality shows.

Cargo Versatility:

Crew-cab trucks provide great comfort when carrying extra people, but they’re also particularly good at holding cargo that owners may consider too nice to put on the truck bed. Backseat cargo versatility differs greatly between the Tacoma and the Gladiator, each taking a different approach. The Gladiator offers seat cushions that flip up and reveal storage boxes (with lids) on the floor, while the backrest of the rear bench also has the ability to fold flat. The Tacoma, on the other hand, offers seat cushions that flip forward while the backrest also folds to create a flat floor. In-floor storage is available on the Tacoma, but Jeep’s configurability gives its storage an edge.

The Gladiator goes four for four in these categories, proving itself to be a pickup that means business before it even hits dealer lots. We will have a better sense of how the Jeep brand’s latest model compares with the mid-size truck segment once it arrives. Follow Hollywood Chrysler Jeep on social media to be among the first to know when the Gladiator rolls across our lot. Oh, and to be one of the first to take it for a spin as well!

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