Four 4WD Off-Road Locations: Utah

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Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Utah has hundreds of trails on public land that are great for off-roading adventures. In fact, Utah is such an excellent place for off-roading that each March, Jeep hosts the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, an event in which Jeep owners gather and make day-long trips through the various trails in the Moab area. In addition to Moab, there are several places in Utah where Jeep enthusiasts can go off the beaten path and test their 4×4 vehicle to its limits.

Here are four excellent trails that visitors and residents of Utah drive each year.

Chokecherry Point Trail

Located near the center of the state just outside of Boulder, is Chokecherry Point Trail, a very challenging off-road trail. The 9.3-mile trail is only recommended only for experienced off-roaders and winds through rocky sections and loose terrain in some areas. The trail begins as a fairly easy ride through the Stink Flats, Beef Meadows and Willow Draw, but eventually the flat land transforms into deep ruts and steep inclines. The trail gets progressively harder as it crosses large rocks and boulders. The trail offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the Caineville Mesas on clear days. The trail is open to from June 16 to October 31.

Corn Creek Road

Corn Creek road is an easy, scenic, off-roading trail that offers awesome views of the Table Cliffs. The road follows Corn Creek for about two miles before climbing into the Escalante Mountains where there are views over the Table Cliffs. The trail then descends into a forest of junipers, pines and sagebrush. The total distance of the trail is a little over 12 miles and will take about an hour and a half to complete. The trail can occasionally have some muddy spots after rainfall, but otherwise the drive is fairly simple. Corn Creek Road is usually open from May to November.

Tantalus Creek Road

Tantalus Creek Road is regarded as a trail and is recommended for drivers with a moderate skill level. While on the trail, visitors see the red rock desert and beautiful pine forests as they pass the Lower Bowens Reservoir and eventually enter into the Capitol Reef National Park. The trail is almost 18 miles and ends at Capitol Reef National Park’s information center. The section of the trail that crosses into the national park is subject to park fees and regulations and there are also several different campsites. The Tantalus Creek Road Trail is typically open from May to November.

Wolverine Loop

Wolverine Loop is an easy, 21-mile trail located in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. The Wolverine Loop runs past the Wolverine Petrified Wood Natural Area, which is  petrified forest made up of the remaining logs from trees that lived over 200 million years ago. Located off the Wolverine Loop are the slot canyons, which offer beautiful scenery Visitors are warned not to enter the canyon if there is a chance of rain because the flash flooding is impossible to escape. The trail crosses many creeks, and is generally open year-round.

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