4 Surfing Essentials for Your Car

April 13th, 2016 by

Surfer Dusk

Surf conditions at local beaches here in South Florida are not nearly as consistent as the East Coast beaches located a few hours north of us. But thankfully, there are still many days throughout the year in which the waves reach heights big enough to surf.

Here are a couple car accessories that will make you be more prepared and help to make the most out of a day spent surfing at the beach. Hurricane season is just around the corner and you never know what this summer’s season will bring.

Key Vault for Your Trailer Hitch

Of all the items on this list, this one is by far the most useful and important. If you’ve been surfing for a while, you or someone you know has probably been a victim of car theft while surfing. Why? Because unless you have a keyless entry code, your keys are probably “hidden” on one of your tires or left out somewhere while you are in the water.

Thankfully, the key vault takes care of that problem and is great for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. The key vault transforms the hitch on an SUV or truck into a little vault that can only be opened with a 4-dial combination. Inside the vault there is enough room for you to store your car keys and a credit card. With the key vault, there is no need to worry about your valuable items like your cell phone or your CAR!

Window Shades or Tinted Windows

There’s nothing like being exhausted and sunburned from a day of surfing and getting into a blazing hot car. Not only does your car feel like a sauna, but your board wax has been melting into your car’s interior all day — not super fun. While tinted windows are a great and very convenient way to keep your car from reaching high temperatures, foldable shades for your car’s windshield, are a cheap and easy way to keep your car cooler.

Yeti Cooler for the Car

Yeti’s are all-the-rage right now for a good reason — they are extremely effective. Yeti products are made out of extremely durable equipment and keep things cold, even if they are inside a hot car. Even better, their coolers don’t sweat, so the interior of your car won’t get soaking wet and start to mildew. Leaving a cooler inside your car is the perfect place for your sunscreen, drinks and your wax so it doesn’t melt in your car.

Yeti coolers cost a bit more than other coolers, but if you are a fisherman, camper or tailgater, it’ll totally be worth the investment. Check out our custom Guy Harvey Jeep Wrangler JK , it comes with a Yeti cooler in the trunk.

Portable Shower

The shower is a really useful accessory for those who go to a beach that doesn’t have a shower or who go surfing before work. One of the most popular showers is the RinseKit. RinseKit is a two gallon jug with a spray nozzle that can sit in the back of your car before you need to wash yourself or your wetsuit. Before leaving the house for the day, fill it up with water and it’ll be ready for you when you are done surfing.

Do you have any tips or know of any other car  accessories that would be perfect for a surfer? Let us know — we’re always on the hunt for tips and tricks to make our lives easier. In the meantime, check out our Jeep Wrangler inventory — they are the perfect SUV for every surfer.

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