A Guide to 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Tops Removal

August 3rd, 2018 by

Nothing is more synonymous with adventure than a Jeep Wrangler with its top off – on the open road, no matter the terrain. Removing the Jeep top prior to heading out on the trail may have seemed like a hassle in the past, but Jeep has been consistently working to improve their removable rooftops on the Jeep Wrangler. Knowing how to properly remove the top can help make the process much more efficient. Let’s face it, the less time spent removing the top means more time on the trail outdoors, where the Jeep Wrangler belongs – in its natural element! There are two types of tops – the Sunrider soft top and the hard top, with the hard top being the more laborious of the two. We recommend having someone stand by to help make this process simpler. We’ve even got an instructional video for you below to make following the guide even easier. 

Hard Top Removal

  1. There are eight latches on the front part of the freedom panels, two that are behind the sun visor, and six that remain around the roof of the cabin. Open the two latches behind the sun visor and turn all the leftover L-shaped latches towards the center of the cabin.
  2. The panels should now be loose and allow for easy removal. Start by simply lifting the panels one at a time and storing them safely in the trunk.
  3. Now that the first two freedom panels are off, open the swing gate and locate the electrical harness and wiper fluid line in the back on the driver’s side. Disconnect the electrical harness by pressing on the red tab and pulling down. Plug the electrical harness into the nearby receptacle so that it’s secure. Repeat these steps to disconnect and store the wiper fluid line.  
  4. There are six screws along the inside of the hard top, three on each side. Use the toolkit provided by Jeep to unscrew these screws.
  5. There are two more screws that attach the hard top to the frame – both can be found on the top front corners of the roof.
  6. Afraid the screws will go missing now that they’re loose? Jeep has a convenient feature right underneath the cargo floor – a designated storage space to keep not only the hard top screws but the windshield bolts and door hinge bolts as well!
  7. This is where having an extra set of hands comes in handy – the actual removal of the top. The top itself is heavy, and going at it alone is not recommended as it can turn into a very expensive nightmare to repair if damaged. Simply lightly lift the hard top while sliding it away from the Jeep for leverage – lift it off the frame for good and store it safely.

Putting the top back on is just as easy following these instructions in reverse.

Sunrider Soft top Removal

  1. Open the swing gate for easier access to the back window. Next, loosen the rear window by pulling up on the corner latches – continue pulling up until the window is attached only at the top where it is connected by a track.  Slide the window panel towards the left and off its track.
  2. The side windows are identical and can be removed by unlatching the window column off the corner and away from its bottom track. Pulling the window panel away from the back of the Jeep where there is velcro and towards the front will complete its removal as it slides off the guiding track. Remember to store all of these window panels responsibly to avoid damaging them.
  3. Now it’s time to remove the actual soft top. There are two latches inside the cabin, each behind the sun visors. Pull each latch to unlock the soft top.
  4. Once the rooftop has been unlocked, push it back halfway. Complete the topless look by pulling on the latch at the back of the rooftop – that will cause the soft top to sit neatly folded above the swing gate, much like a convertible.
  5. Secure the now-convertible soft top by locking it into place – the locks can be found where the soft top legs connect to the frame of the Wrangler. Double-check that the soft top is locked by attempting to push it upwards; the movement should be minimal.

Follow these simple instructions in reverse to put the Sunrider soft top back on.

Jeep tops are something that the brand is constantly working to improve, and the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL is no exception. The new-and-improved tops are intended to make it simple for owners to enjoy their Jeep vehicles they way they’re meant to – without a fuss. Come by Hollywood Chrysler Jeep and see the Jeep Wrangler JL for yourself.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Jeep.com