Chrysler Focuses on Eco Powertrain Development Thanks to Newly Formed Partnership

November 13th, 2013 by

When it comes to developing the most advanced
technology, Chrysler likes to go above and beyond to bring drivers the most
efficient vehicles possible. Today on our Hollywood
Chrysler Jeep blog
we thought we’d go over its latest research
venture involving the development of an eco-friendly powertrain. In order to
make this possible, it recently formed an exciting 5-year

McMaster University will be Chrysler’s partner on
this project. The research team will be made up of 20 Chrysler engineers, 16
McMaster faculty, and 80 engineering graduate and undergraduate students. With
funding from the Canadian government, other outside sources, and Chrysler’s
investment of $9.25 million, the team is now ready to start developing the components
for advanced hybrid and electric powertrains.

Those involved with the partnership are thrilled that
all of the necessary details have fallen into place. McMaster President Patrick
Deane explains, “We at McMaster are truly excited by the opportunities
this funding creates. It allows our researchers to focus on developing the
automotive technology that will enable more sustainable, efficient, and safe
travel, as well as promote greater economic stability.”1

We are definitely looking forward to seeing how
this partnership develops as the research team begins working on a next
generation powertrain. It’s only a matter of time before this new technology
becomes introduced to the new

Until them, be sure to take a moment to visit our
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