Did You Know The Jeep Renegade Has Some Hidden Treasures?

June 15th, 2017 by

Jeep Renegade scavenger hunt

How many Jeep-related “hidden” treasures can you find on and inside of the Jeep Renegade? So far, we have found a few! There are a couple truly random graphics hidden on the Renegade like a spider saying “Ciao Baby” behind the fuel cap and a yeti on the back windshield, but there are plenty of Jeep-related items too.

Jeep Grille

The famous seven-slot grille can be found in many places on the Jeep Renegade (in addition to the actual grille of course). We probably haven’t even found all of the hidden grilles, but here are the ones we have found:

Coin mat

jeep renegade coin mat map and jeep logo


jeep renegade headlight


jeep renegade taillight


jeep renegade speakers


jeep renegade trunk

Center console

jeep renegade map center console

Rearview mirror

jeep renegade grille hidden

Jeep Graphic

Another hidden item we found around the Renegade is a graphic of a tiny Jeep! Here are the two places we have found it so far!:


jeep renegade wheel

Front windshield

jeep renegade front windshield hidden graphic

Spider Saying Ciao

ciao baby spider graphic renegade


yeti hidden in jeep renegade

Want to find these hidden features for yourself? If you own a Jeep Renegade, go hunt for them. But if you don’t own a Renegade and want to see them for yourself, come check out the Jeep Renegade inventory at Hollywood Chrysler Jeep. Take one home to be part of the Jeep culture and have some specials hidden gems not every car owner can brag about!

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