Dodge Asks an Unanswerable Question

February 7th, 2014 by

When discussing muscle and automotive panache, the
Dodge Charger and Challenger are two models by our choice
American brand that routinely come up in conversation. Of course, that makes
sense as this pair is wrapped in style and boasts high-power driving dynamics,
but it’s the latter that raises a question.

Specifically, that query is: in a race which would
be faster, the Dodge Charger or the Challenger?

Naturally, we at Hollywood Chrysler
aren’t picking sides on this one. In fact, our humble opinion is
that the race would result in a tie; however, a new advertisement by our choice
automaker does play into this muscular dilemma. To see for yourselves, we
kindly urge you to watch the ad below.

Intrigued? That’s only
natural. If you’d like to arrange test drives in the Charger and Challenger
models, then we welcome you to visit our new Dodge dealership
in Hollywood, FL.

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