Evolution of the Jeep

December 18th, 2015 by

In the early 1940s, the Army Quartermaster Corps extended invitations to design a multi-purpose light command and reconnaissance vehicle that would compete with the Nazi Panzer Division’s motorcycle and sidecar. In addition to being durable for all types of weather and conditions, the vehicle also needed to be capable of carrying a mounted machine gun.

To ensure sufficient technological input and production capability, the Corps invited three companies, Bantam, Willy’s and Ford, to submit plans for a rugged military vehicle with four-wheel drive. Though Bantam produced what could be considered the original prototype that was closest to the Army’s specification, all three companies were given the contract to produce the Jeep.

While the origin of the name “Jeep” is not entirely known, there are several theories. Some sources have advanced the idea that the word “jeep” came from a WWI reference for certain equipment that was considered “awkward or insignificant”. Others suggest that the Jeep was originally called “Peep”, then switched to “Jeep.”

While it is no longer an official military vehicle, Jeeps are not far removed from their military association. Today the Jeep remains a car associated with endurance, durability, strength and great maneuvering. The Jeep line has branched out into several different models and trims. While the Jeep Wrangler is still known as having a more rugged aesthetic,the Jeep Grand Cherokee has incorporated luxury elements into an SUV fit for adventure.  

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