FCA Foundation: Year-round giving

December 9th, 2015 by

FCA Foundation logo

While a lot of people volunteer and give-back to the community during the holiday season, charity is something that is needed year-round. The auto group, FCA US LLC, which is comprised of Chrysler, Jeep Dodge, Ram and Fiat, has an organization called the FCA Foundation which contributes to several notable year-round causes.

One large cause that Chrysler supports is education. While the FCA Foundation’s educational focus is dominated by STEM (science, technology and math) initiatives, they contribute to other educational programs as well. One of the notable donations that the FCA Foundation made in 2015 is their $100,000 grant to support scholarships for current and future African American farmers.

Another cause that the FCA Foundation actively supports is car donations. Chrysler gives anyone in the community the option to donate their vehicle to their choice of one out of 400 non-profit charities. The donation doubles as a tax deduction and regardless of where it is located, Chrysler will tow the donated vehicle for free to complete the donation. non-running vehicles, junk vehicles and salvage vehicles are all accepted for this charitable cause.

Chrysler believes in giving back. Since its inception in 1953, the FCA Foundation has donated over $500 million to charitable organizations and initiatives. They support local charities as well as larger charities, leaving a lasting impact on the community, the charity and those involved.

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