FCA Unveils New Ecosystem Plans

May 9th, 2019 by

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) just announced its partnership with HARMAN-Samsung and Google technologies. This newly-founded partnership will be responsible for crafting and introducing a new “ecosystem” – better known as an infotainment and tech package – to upgrade the connectivity capabilities of FCA vehicles across the world. The ecosystem is slated to run on in-vehicle and exterior data using a cloud-based platform engineered by HARMAN-Samsung. User experience will be improved and attuned to the owners thanks to live customer-care assistance with the push of a single button, predictive maintenance needs, live traffic prompts, automatic location of fuel and charging stations and even restaurant offers. Applications are expected to continuously update automatically thanks to over-the-air software updates, meaning owners will always benefit from the latest software applications and newest capabilities.

As the system goes live, clients will have access to 4G network connectivity tailored for all regions and readily integrated with any service provider around the globe. Vehicles will also be engineered to transition to a 5G network as we make the shift in the near future. The off-board cloud-based system will be capable of interacting with numerous smart cities’ infrastructure as well as many household devices via the Samsung “Smart Things” platform. Also, service providers will also reap the benefits from these features as they’re delivered via cloud-based connectivity requiring seamless access and making room for more business.

Android will be responsible for powering the new “ecosystem” as it offers a strong and intuitive app-based environment that relies on over-the-air updates for fresh content and seamless wireless integration with clients’ mobile devices. Additionally, clients will have access to continuous innovation with feature updates made available via a built-in cellular network. Technology of this kind is expected to make autonomous driving features within reach these upcoming years – complete with electrification and other connected services.

Electrified variants will benefit from this optimal technical environment thanks to applications like remote battery management, smart EV trip navigator and futuristic vehicle-to-grid services. Also, this “ecosystem” will be  programmed to support the FCA Mobility Services portfolio. The portfolio is rumored to include features such as pay-by-the-mile options, peer-to-peer car sharing solutions, usage-based vehicle insurance, and short-, medium- and long-term vehicle rentals. Similar pay-as-you-go systems have been recently introduced in Europe . Said “ecosystem” will be revealed in parts with rollout phases scheduled to begin across the world during the second half of 2019. FCA plans to connect all its vehicles by 2022 to coincide with the completion of its gaudy five-year electrification plans.

“By selecting industry leaders such as Samsung and Google, we are making efficient and responsible utilization of capital to provide advanced technological solutions to our customers worldwide. In collaboration with HARMAN-Samsung and Google, we have developed a flexible, easy-to-use and connected ‘ecosystem’ that not only deploys today but is also ready to integrate upcoming innovations,” said Harald Wester, Chief Technical Officer of FCA.

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