Four 4WD Off-Road Locations: Texas

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Want to explore new territory with your Jeep? How about Texas! Texas is full of off-road trails and beautiful wildlife. It doesn’t matter what area of Texas you visit, there are places to go in every corner!

Lake Buffalo OHV Area

Lake Buffalo is located in Iowa Park, Texas and there is a specific area of the lake that has dried up and is open to off-highway and off-road vehicles, including Jeeps. Be sure to bring a handkerchief to cover your face because it is a dusty place with several obstacles that will be sure to test your Jeep’s rock crawling skills.

Bolivar Peninsula/Crystal Beach

Jeepers in Texas love Crystal Beach because it is a beautiful place to off-road and it is the location of a few annual Jeep events like “Go Topless” event as well as “Jeep Weekend.” Imagine driving your Jeep on the beautiful coast of the Bolivar Peninsula. Just make sure to avoid riding over the sand dunes, that is against the rules!

Lake Meredith National Recreation Area

For a Jeep and adventure lover, Lake Meredith is the spot to go in Texas. Visitors can enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, off-roading and more! There are several different trails for all levels of drivers and ATVs, Bikes, and Off-roading vehicles are all welcome. This is a large area, so we recommend checking out the Blue Creek and/or Rosita trails and climbs.

Red River on the Texas/Oklahoma Border

Kill two birds with one stone and adventure in two states at once. The Red River sits on the boarder of Texas and Oklahoma and has plenty of space to ride off-road. Here you can find an ATV park, motorcycle trails, and full-size vehicle trails as well. There is a park dedicated to off-roading with trails in Hendrix, Oklahoma called the Red River ATV park.

Want to read up on more locations and states where you can have a great off-road experience. Check out the other articles we have written for our monthly series! If you go off-roading, don’t forget to tell your #MyJeepStory with Jeep and with us!

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