Be a Courteous and Safe Driver and Practice Good Driving Habits

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good driving habits

Driving in Florida can be stressful, especially during the first couple months in the year. From January to May, there are a lot of tourists who are unfamiliar with all of the Florida driving laws and the local roads. While gestures and name calling may be a first reaction to bad drivers and driving mistakes, neither method is an effective way at staying safe and avoiding accidents. So here’s a look at some effective ways to stay safe.

Know and Accept That There are Bad Drivers

First and foremost, the best drivers are good drivers because they do not get overly angry or frustrated when other drivers are not perfect drivers. Good drivers anticipate that there are bad drivers on the road and they are always ready to avoid mistakes that bad drivers make. When good drivers dodge a bad driving mistake, they just keep going on their way and don’t get distracted by telling someone else off.  

Look Over Your Shoulder Before Changing Lanes, at Any Speed

You should always, always look over your shoulder before changing lanes no matter how fast you are going. Almost every car has blind spots, and mirrors give a false sense of security. You never know when there is a car or a motorcycle coming up behind you at a very fast speed or just in that right spot to not be seen.

Parking Matters

Yes, parking matters. Good drivers don’t park crooked or position themselves too close to one side of a parking spot. That doesn’t mean they perfectly park every time, but it means when they don’t park great, they fix it. Also, good drivers know how to parallel park and they don’t park too close or too far to the car infront or behind them.

Use Your Turn Signal to Change Lanes and Turn

A lot of drivers do not use their turn signal before changing lanes or turning and this can cause a lot of problems.  When you use your signal before changing lanes or turning, you are letting other drivers know that you are getting ready to make a change in your driving, so they need to be cautious.

Check the Driveway Before Reversing

You never know when there is a pedestrian or biker in your path.

Left Lane is For Passing

Check out this video by Vox. It is a great refresher that the left lane is only for passing. Drivers that are driving the speed limit in the left lane cause unintended problems.

Use Caution When Moving Through an Intersection

A lot of cars run red lights, so if you are first through an intersection, be sure to check the lanes before moving forward.

Do Not Block Other Drivers to Change Lanes

Driving in a new area can be frustrating because you don’t always know where you are going, but good drivers know that it is okay to pass the street they were supposed to turn on they can simply make a U-turn or go around the block.

It is never okay to prevent other drivers from moving forward during a green light because you are taking up two lanes trying to change lanes and make a turn that you did not anticipate. Same thing applies when trying to get over to make an exit, do not unsafely change lanes just so you can make the exit. If you miss it, you miss it and you can take the next exit. It is not a big deal.

Stay safe out there! Have any other tips we should share with our audience? Share them with us on our Facebook.

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