Have a Rock Crawling Adventure with a New Jeep

April 13th, 2018 by

Thanks to the durable and unique capabilities of many Jeep models, like the Jeep Wrangler and Trailhawk Jeep trims, all Jeep vehicles have the ability to do things other vehicles can’t. One of those things is rock crawling. If you own a Jeep or plan to get a Jeep in the future, you should learn about rock crawling because it may be something you want to try sometime.

Rock crawling is a particular form of off-road driving and it involves a vehicle going over large obstacles, including rocks or boulders, using, at times, some or all of the vehicle’s wheels. Rock crawling definitely takes practice, and a good way to start learning more about it is by learning the terms and language associated with it.

Approach Angle: The maximum incline/steepest angle a vehicle can climb or descend before its front bumper, body, chassis or equipment make contact with the ground. Approach angles can be improved with a lift kit because it raises the height and ground clearance of the vehicle.

Breakover Angle: The degree of slope that defines the largest ramp or hill that a vehicle can go over without hitting the undercarriage/mid-section between the rear and front wheels against the ground.

Go-Juice: Gasoline.

Ground Clearance: Space between the ground and the lowest part of a vehicle’s underside. For some vehicles the lowest part may be an axle differential, a part of the exhaust system, or other component. Ground clearance can improved with the installation of a lift kit.

High-Centered: When a vehicle is stuck because it’s mid-section (Breakover Angle) has become lodged or stuck because the vehicle’s the front and/or rear wheels are too far off the ground to achieve sufficient breakaway grip.

Kiss: When a vehicle hits an object during an off-road adventure, but no damage is done to the vehicle cosmetically.

Limited-slip Differential: Final-drive system where left and right axle shafts are mechanically connected via a series of pinion gears to prevent wheel spin on slippery surfaces and to ensure that the engine’s power is transmitted equally both sides of the vehicle.

Line: The path that a driver selects for the safest route for a 4×4 to climb over an obstacle or through multiple ones.

Off Camber: When the trail is on a sideways incline, usually very steep. Off-camber trails increase the likelihood of a rollover.

Plumbing: Any exposed hose on a vehicle, such as the brake lines.

Push Bars: A reinforced metal extension added to the front bumper, designed to align with another vehicle’s bumper that can allow a driver to push another vehicle gently without causing damage because pressure is evenly applied.

Rock Crawler: Any 4×4 built specifically for maneuvering through rocky terrain.

Skid Plate: A flat metal plate that is securely attached to the frame of your vehicle and protects important components. Oil pans, differential, and steering linkages are among the vulnerable when off-roading over uneven terrain.

Tow Bar: If you don’t have a trailer, tow bars can be used for one vehicle to pull another behind it with 4 wheels rolling on the ground.

Trail Boss: The trailer leader on a trail ride.

Knowing how your vehicle can handle trails, steep or challenging paths and how to drive over different terrains all comes with time. Learning these terms will help before you even get out to those moments and having the right vehicle is just as important. Jeep vehicles are built to handle the adventure out there and we want you to test drive our current lineup.

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