Here are the Most Common Jeep Trims You Should Know

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Jeep’s current (2021) lineup includes six different models, beginning with the entry-level Jeep Renegade, followed by the Jeep Compass and Cherokee, then comes the Jeep Grand Cherokee, while the iconic Wrangler and all-new Gladiator pickup round out the rest. Although all models feature that distinct Jeep flavor, they’re individually imagined and engineered to target different demographics. Of course, all these options can only lead down the same road — which is the best Jeep for you? However, we’re here to answer that question with another question: what evocative Jeep trim is the most suitable for you? Here are a few of the most popular trims available throughout the Jeep lineup. 


The Altitude trim offers an appearance upgrade with the inclusion of slick, blacked-out detailing that’s currently in season. 

Black and Tan

This special trim’s name gives it away, but the Black and Tan trim is exclusive to the Jeep Wrangler model and features a black exterior paired with a tan top and matching upholstery. 


Also exclusive to the Wrangler model, the Freedom trim is a variant based on the Wrangler Sport S that pays homage to the members of the armed forces. 

High Altitude

Borrowing the appearance of the original Altitude trim, this High Altitude trim adds a touch of high-end luxury with interior accents such as wood trim, navigation services, Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto connectivity, heated/ventilated seats, and much more. 


Available on the Renegade Sport, Jeepster is a variant with visual upgrades. 


Only available on the Gladiator model, for the time being, the Mojave trim was engineered to be like the top-tier off-road Rubicon trim but with high-speed desert running in mind. 

North Edition

As its name implies, the North Edition is available on models that offer cherry-picked amenities for colder climates, such as tow hooks and heated seats. 


Some of the brand’s most successful models, such as the Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, and Gladiator, offer this premium luxury trim with serious off-road chops. 


Dreamed up and brought to life exclusively for paths less traveled, the Rubicon trim is a premium off-road performance trim on the Wrangler and Gladiator. Upgraded 4×4 systems and heavy-duty components, including skid plates and exclusive shocks, come together to have the Rubicon venture off the pavement. 


A premium trim that perfectly balances performance and luxury, with 4×4 systems that rival the Rubicon trim and an enviable luxury-esque interior. Available on the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator. 


Exclusive to the Jeep Grand Cherokee model, the Summit trim is a top-tier luxury trim. Heated/ventilated seats, navigation, leather upholstery, USB-c charging capabilities, along with some of the best 4×4 systems Jeep offers can all be found on the Summit trim. 


A popular trim for the Renegade, Compass, Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee, the Trailhawk trim is essentially an upgraded trim level for the adventurous out there. Trailhawk offers buyers an enhanced off-road capability not found on the entry-level trim along with a distinctive off-road style.


Similar to the Trailhawk trim we mentioned prior, the Upland trim is also available on the Renegade, Compass, Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee. The main distinction between the two trims is that while Upland incorporates the off-road style of the Trailhawk trim, it does not carry over the performance upgrades. 


Available on the Wrangler model, the Willys trim is a retro-inspired off-road trim that salutes the very heart of Jeep. 

Although it may feel like a lot of trims to some readers, the list above doesn’t even scratch the surface of everything Jeep offers buyers. Special edition trims always appear throughout the model year, giving buyers even more of what they seek — be it a lift, a themed design, exclusive paint color options, and much more. Jeep is largely responsible for fomenting the accessorized off-road business and for converting the SUV into the ultimate family vehicle thanks to the Grand Cherokee. The brand’s continuous expansion of its trims and special options will bring more Jeep vehicles upmarket, making it inherently good for business. 

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