How Not to Jump a Car and How To Jump a Car

February 1st, 2017 by

If you haven’t watched the TV series, The Office, we highly recommend it. However, we want to be sure to inform our audience NOT to jump a car like Michael shows in the season three show, “Ben Franklin.” Of course, it’s not meant to be taken too seriously, however, we can only imagine that some people might actually do it. Don’t.

To properly jump a car you have to connect the red clip to the positive terminal on the car’s battery and the black clip to the negative terminal (smaller). It’s also important to note that some car’s battery’s do not have an accessible negative terminal and the cable should be connected to a good ground section of the car. Then you do the same thing on the car that is jumping the dead car. Then turn the car on and the dead car should be able to start up.

Another thing we wanted to point out is jumping a moped with a car because South Florida has a lot of mopeds. Not all mopeds can be jumped by a car!  Before you try using a car check to see what type of battery your moped has and if it can be safely jumped with a car. If your battery can be jumped with a car, do not EVER turn the car on! All you need to do is connect the cables as you would to jump a car and the power from a car battery will transfer without being turned on.

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