Jeep Breaks new Ground with Latest onX Offroad Partnership

June 18th, 2021 by

In a move that expands Jeep’s current collaborators, the automaker partnered with onX Offroad, the industry’s leading off-road navigation provider. onX Offroad launched a program that empowers Jeep Wave customers and other Jeepers to veer off the pavement and explore roads less traveled. Jeep, along with its industry-exclusive Jeep Wave customer care program is always looking for ways to expand benefits for its members. Thanks to a collaboration with onX, all Jeepers behind the wheel of a 2021 model-year Jeep vehicle will be granted six months of Elite access to the onX Offroad app. 

Across the board, every Jeep enthusiast tends to have a story about how their vehicle has enabled an experience like no other. Jeep allows and encourages its owners, enthusiasts, and followers to live life to the fullest, offering a lineup of vehicles that suggestively let owners handle any off- or on-road journey with confidence. Now, paired with onX Offroad services, Jeep owners have the technology at hand to make even more off-road exploration possible. 

“It’s in the DNA of every Jeep brand vehicle and its owner to want to go off-road in pursuit of adventure. Together, the Jeep brand and onX Offroad now make it easier and more accessible for our customers, whether they are expert Jeep vehicle enthusiasts or new Jeep 4×4 owners ready for their first off-road experience, to go out into the trails. This relationship with onX Offroad gives our owners, especially those who may need a bit more confidence to turn onto the trail, another highly efficient tool to live the dreams that have become synonymous with Jeep 4×4 ownership,” said Jim Morrison, Vice President, Jeep Brand North America, Stellantis. 

onX is built for off-roaders by off-roaders, so its GPS mapping technology is more than reliable. When opening the app, both beginner and well-seasoned enthusiasts will be immersed in a world of possibilities, capable of discovering up to 550,000 trail miles and 500,000 recreation points. Sites such as campsites, non-ethanol fuel stations, and scenic vistas are all available at the user’s fingertips. Bonus trip-planning features include reviewing trail descriptions, assessing difficulty levels and overall duration — even checking out trail photos is possible. Offline maps are reliable because they give the user the freedom to veer off the pavement and still get home safely at the end of the day, even without cell service. Jeep 4×4 owners can invite their friends along for the ride by sharing customized Waypoints and Tracks. 

Jeep Wave® Customer Care Program

Through the Jeep Wave customer care program, the brand’s owner loyalty program that’s available to the entire 2021 lineup, buyers can enjoy a six-month trial of onX Offroad Elite, the industry’s leading off-road map app. At the end of six months, when the trial is over, the onX Offroad Premium service will set Jeepers back $29.99, while the onX Offroad Elite program is $99.99. 

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