Jeep Launches New Freedom Special Edition Trim Across its Lineup

June 1st, 2021 by

As of right now, every vehicle in Jeep’s iconic 4×4 lineup can be had in the Freedom trim. Intended as a tribute to U.S. military members, 2021 Freedom editions come with military-themed exterior and interior design cues. Jeep will make a $250 donation to the United Service Organizations (USO) for every Freedom edition vehicle sold. 

“At the Jeep brand, we are proud of our military heritage, with origins that date back to 1941, and the Freedom special editions are a tribute to all who have served and continue to serve. This Memorial Day, we honor those who have made the greatest sacrifice for their country and support those who continue to serve through these special editions,” said Jim Morrison, Vice President, Jeep Brand — North America.

Jeep accents its Freedom special-edition vehicles with unique exterior features, including a large “Oscar Mike” military star decal across the hood, an American flag decal on the side of the vehicle, matte black/Satin Carbon wheels and accents, and much more. On the Wrangler and Gladiator models, the Freedom special edition includes an “Oscar Mike” decal on the rear tailgate as well. Jeep has a $500 Military Bonus Cash across its 4×4 lineup for all active and recently retired service members. 

Freedom special edition Jeep vehicles have the following MSRP, excluding the destination fee:

  • 2021 Jeep Renegade                          $26,285 
  • 2021 Jeep Compass                           $27,090 
  • 2021 Jeep Cherokee                          $27,955 
  • 2021 Jeep Wrangler                          $36,210  
  • 2021 Jeep Wrangler (Four-Door)  $39,465 
  • 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee             $37,085
  • 2021 Jeep Gladiator                         $42,015

Jeep Wave Customer Care Program

The Jeep Wave premium owner loyalty program is standard on all 2021 Jeep vehicles and includes exciting benefits and exclusive perks to provide Jeepers dedicated 24/7 support with the utmost care. The Jeep Wave customer service program is included on all new Freedom editions. Jeep Wave perks include:

  • Three years of worry-free maintenance at Jeep dealerships, including oil changes and tire rotations
  • 24/7 support via phone or online chat
  • Vehicle protection including 24/7 roadside assistance and first-day loaner coverage
  • VIP access to select, exclusive Jeep brand events 

Things to Know

  • Benefits and protection features are singular — specifically linked to a sole VIN.
  • When someone buys a new vehicle, Jeep offers a complimentary two-year membership. On the contrary, the direct-purchase membership is only valid for one year.
  • Owners will be reminded to renew their subscriptions once the expiration date nears via a Buy-In option.
  • If the vehicle is sold before the expiration date of the Jeep Wave Program, it is then considered null and void.

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