Jeep Launches “Pale Blue Dot” Campaign for the Upcoming Wrangler 4xe

September 18th, 2020 by

Jeep teamed up with the widow and collaborator of famed astronomer Carl Sagan to produce its latest 90-second ad “Pale Blue Dot.” Not only does the ad signal the launch of the brand’s all-new Jeep Wrangler 4xe, it also puts a special emphasis on the brand’s attempt to rebrand itself as the greenest off-road brand on the market while it ramps up its efforts to combat climate change. Jeep’s YouTube page is currently hosting the video and with every completed view of “Pale Blue Dot” the brand will make a contribution to the Carl Sagan Institute of Cornell University and the Coalition for Rainforest Nations to combat climate change. Jeep is the official sponsor of National Geographic’s COSMOS: POSSIBLE WORLDS — a modern spinoff of Sagan’s original COSMOS programming.

“Pale Blue Dot” isn’t only the name of Jeep’s latest ad, it’s also the name of a famous image inspired by Sagan. In 1981, Sagan began lobbying NASA to have Voyager 1 (a space probe) turn its camera towards Earth, once it had completed the required reconnaissance of outer planets. By 1990, Sagan had his image, and he crafted a soliloquy — an ode — to match the astonishing vantage point. In the image, our planet appears as tiny, just a speck of dust in space as seen from Neptune, more than 4 billion miles away. The resulting image became known as “the pale blue dot.”

Jeep worked tirelessly with Ann Druyan — not only is she Sagan’s widow, she’s also an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning American writer, director and producer. The late Sagan narrates a passage from his 1994 book “Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space” in Jeep’s latest “Pale Blue Dot” ad. Sagan speaks in depth about the photograph, honing in on the idea that this is the only home humanity has ever known.

“Jeep is in a process of electrification of its lineup, and we feel a big responsibility to market it properly because it is not just a technical upgrade, it is a new chapter that opens for the brand. The core of the brand’s DNA is exploration, adventure, and freedom, so our customers already have a deep and powerful relationship with nature and with our planet. Entrusting us with passages from her husband Carl Sagan’s iconic ‘Pale Blue Dot’ oration is an act of faith and generosity from Ann that is absolutely incredible. We very clearly felt an enormous duty to both protect their shared legacy, and also advocate for this universal message of caring for our planet by giving our global audience the ability to support two climate change causes that are very important to us both, by simply watching ‘Pale Blue Dot’ video across our social channels,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer. 

Jeep introduced its latest Wrangler 4xe as the arrival of the most capable, eco-friendly, and technically advanced Wrangler ever. The model will be available in the United States, China, and Europe by early 2021. Other electrified offerings from the brand, such as the Compass 4xe and the Renegade 4xe, began arriving in Europe earlier this summer (2020). Jeep’s ongoing electrification plans were crafted with hopes to rebrand the automaker as an efficient and responsible manufacturer that’s devoted to taking driver confidence, performance, and overall capability to new heights. For every completed viewing of Jeep’s “Pale Blue Dot” video, the brand will make a contribution to fighting climate change. See the ad below:

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Photo Source/Copyright: Jeep