Jeep Tops, the Ultimate Customization

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Customization is second nature when it comes to the Jeep Wrangler. The authenticity adds to its allure as owners work to make their Wrangler their own. Although it may not seem like a big customization factor, even the Jeep top is special to Wrangler owners. There’s a Jeep top to suit every adventure, providing both comfort and convenience tailored to individual buyer’s needs. There’s the classic soft top, hardtop, and the latest and greatest Sky One-Touch Power Top. We’ve broken down all three tops so readers can figure out what top best suits their needs. 

Soft Tops

Jeep soft tops are among the most versatile of top choices, including half tops and bikini tops, or sometimes buyers can opt for a combination of several soft tops as well. Depending on the kind of exposure Jeepers are looking for while on their adventures, the combinations available allow for plenty of configurations. Side or back windows can either be removed or remain static, as can the doors and windshield for an additional open-air touch. Soft tops are relatively inexpensive when compared to the hardtop and One Touch Sky Power Top options. A soft top makes being close to nature a breeze due to their ability to be adjusted within minutes. If buyers are looking to ride with the wind in their hair then there’s no better recommendation than a soft top. 

Lack of durability may be the only downside to equipping a Wrangler with a soft top, especially in sunny places like South Florida where the sun is incessantly beaming. A hardtop is engineered to last the life of the vehicle, while a soft top is a reinforced piece of fabric that’s continuously at the mercy of the elements. While their replacement won’t necessarily break the bank, long-term Jeepers looking to commit and customize their Wrangler may want to think twice about opting for a soft top. When it comes to removal, the soft top ranks between the hardtop and the One Touch Sky Power Top in terms of difficulty. Jeep has significantly improved its soft tops with a track-guiding system that replaces the tedious zippers of the past, cutting down on time and frustration. 


A hardtop functions the same way as a regular cabin roof as it provides solid protection for drivers and passengers. The hardtop protects the Wrangler from rain, snow, summer heat, winter cold, and city fumes all while reducing the cabin noise as effectively as a traditional cabin roof. Intentionally more durable than a soft top due to its composition, the hardtop is designed to last the life of the vehicle as long as no freak accident occurs. Improper storage when removing the hardtop is the main cause of damage and experts recommend owners who remove the whole top to invest in a storage device to avoid these headaches. A hardtop also provides owners with additional cargo space that’s unavailable on the soft top. Buyers can add an aluminum half rack or rugged rack to transport gear, such as kayaks, bicycles, and even luggage. 

The main downside to owning a Wrangler with a hardtop? It’s a bit hectic to remove and a two-person task due to the overall weight and the fact that the hardtop comes off in one piece other than the front-cabin freedom panels. A designated storage space for the hardtop is a necessity to avoid damage like scratches and dents. Also, this isn’t like a soft top that can be stored and taken on-the-go. A hardtop stays behind when Jeepers take off on their adventures, exposing them to the elements and other road hazards. If there’s a sudden rainstorm, driving without the hardtop risks sudden damage to the interior, including the upholstery and electronics. 

Sky One-Touch Power Top

The Sky One-Touch Power Top is the crown jewel of all Jeep Wrangler tops. Half hardtop and half soft top, the Sky One-Touch Power Top gives jeepers the best of both worlds. Those who do not want to struggle with either removing the entire hardtop or undoing the soft top like a puzzle – piece by piece – will be overjoyed when they learn that the Sky One-Touch Power Top is literally just like a convertible top. As its name implies, this top only requires one touch to activate the track system that causes the top to slide back and stack accordion-style right above the rear quarter windows. The Sky One-Touch Power Top returns to place with the touch of one button as it slides towards the windshield, latches and creates a watertight seal. The track itself is equipped with sensors that can detect if there are any objects or fingers in the way, causing it to pause the motion until the track is clear. Here’s a cool fact about the Sky One-Touch Power Top: unlike traditional convertible tops that cannot be activated while the vehicle is in motion, this top comfortably slides back even while the vehicle is traveling at 60 mph. 

As a recent introduction to the Jeep Wrangler lineup, the Sky One-Touch Power Top is only available on the Sahara and Rubicon four-door trims. Its additional cost of $3,995 may be a deterrent to some as well. Jeep has not stated whether it will offer this creme of the crop top on any of the other Wrangler trims in the future. 

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