Make the Activities You Already Do, Good for the Environment, Too

April 20th, 2016 by
Aerial photo of the Florida Keys

Aerial photo of the Florida Keys

If you drive a Jeep chances are you live for adventure and the outdoors. Here are some ways that you can transform the adventurous activities you already do into activities that also help our local environment.

Also, don’t forget to celebrate Earth Day this weekend. There’s tons of local events scheduled for Friday, April 22 (actual Earth Day) and during the weekend.


Catch as many Lionfish as you possibly can. Lionfish are an invasive species that is damaging our local marine life and reefs. No marine life can eat the predatory fish and they breed rapidly. While spearfishing is the most common way to get Lionfish it is possible to catch them on a line. The best part is — Lionfish are actually really delicious to eat. Who knew?! Catch some Lionfish, you’ll love eating them and it will make everybody happy.


Trash that lands up in the water can often be found in the winding roots of the mangroves that surround South Florida and the Florida Keys. Next time you go kayaking or paddleboarding bring a trash bag and a stick or a net with you and spend a couple minutes picking out some of the trash in the mangroves. All it takes is a few minutes of time in a place that you were already going.

Diving or Snorkeling

Use a mooring buoy at dive sites because dropping an anchor on our fragile coral will damage them. And only use a sunscreen that is safe on the coral reefs. You can identify sunscreens that are safe for coral reefs by looking at the ingredients. Do not use a sunscreen that contains oxybenzone (Benzophenone-3, BP-3), butylparaben, Octinoxate (Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate), or 4-methylbenzylidene camphor (4MBC). These products are proven to cause coral bleaching, a problem which our local coral reefs are already suffering from. Also, water resistant sunscreens are more likely to stay on your skin in and out of the water.


Pick up trash that you see on land and in the water — it’s not hard. You don’t have to make huge lifestyle changes to help protect the environment. When you see trash within reach, just pick it up and throw it away. It doesn’t take any extra time to throw away trash that will eventually end up in the ocean. It’s easy and it will make a big difference.




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