Why You Need to Clean your Jeep After Mudding and How To Do It

April 13th, 2017 by

clean jeep after mudding

Driving around with a mud all over your Jeep is kind of like a “badge.” Some Jeepers love  nothin’ more than showing off their rig after mudding. However, the fame of showing off some mud isn’t always the best idea.

Cost of Caked on Mud

  • The longer mud remains on the Jeep, the more it dries and the harder it is to scrub off later.
  • If mud dries on the vehicle’s wheels it can cause imbalance the wheels of the vehicle and can cause it to shake and drive unevenly.
  • When mud dries on the front of the vehicle it can cake onto the radiator. This is a huge problem because it can cause the Jeep to overheat.
  • Mud on lights can make them less bright and more ineffective, which is especially dangerous for night-time driving.

Tips for washing your muddy Jeep:

  • Pressure wash, pressure wash, pressure wash. Especially the undercarriage. Even just a couple of hours after mudding, mud can be very difficult to get off with just a normal hose.
  • Clean EVERYTHING. A professional car wash does this the best, but if you decide to yourself don’t forget about the lights, underside, and inside the wheel wells.
  • When cleaning the engine or under the hood be very careful. Use a sponge with a bit of water as opposed to spraying everything under the hood. Water getting into the air intake sends it on a straight line to the engine which is a bad way to end an adventurous day.

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