Recall Announced for Jeep Grand Cherokee

March 19th, 2014 by

To us here at Hollywood Chrysler Jeep, there’s
something more important than just selling you a car, more important than
getting through the work day so we can home. To us, the most important thing is
the safety of you and your family when you take the wheel of a new
or used
Jeep or Chrysler
vehicle. So, today, we’re here to tell you
about a recall and, fortunately, there have been no accidents reported because
of it.


The recall concerns drivers of the Jeep Grand
and Dodge Durango from the 2012 and
model years. There are an estimated 18,700 units affected in the
United States, so if you or someone in your household drives on of these
models, read on for more details.


The problem is simply that the braking system in
these vehicles doesn’t feel the way the automaker intended. No cases of lost
braking power have been reported; rather Chrysler has said the brake pedal feel
“was not consistent with customer expectations.”1
Keep an eye on your mailboxes for notification in the near


Should you be notified, contact our Hollywood,
FL service
at your earliest convenience. Our skilled automotive
experts will schedule you an appointment, get you in, and fix the affected
software free of charge. Until we see you again, from all of us here, please
continue to drive safely and responsibly!


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