Review: 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X

March 19th, 2019 by

Jeep is rolling 2019 with a brand new trim level in the Jeep Grand Cherokee line- the Limited X. Limited X has three things going for it. Its class-leading UConnect infotainment system, timeless design, and off-road ability.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X earns high praises in this category for using the automaker’s UConnect infotainment and navigation system. For 2019, the screen is now bonded glass and nearly flush-mounted. It features pinch-to-zoom functions and a higher resolution.   

Counting its infotainment system, the Grand Cherokee Limited X comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a seven-inch color information display, an optional Harman Kardon stereo with active noise cancellation, and a 4G LTE-powered WiFi hotspot. What’s absent from its tech catalog is wireless charging for your smartphone, which isn’t on sale for any trim level.


A benefit of getting the Grand Cherokee’s V6 over the option of the V8 is fuel economy. The efficiency gap between the two is notable, with the V8 only getting 17 mpg combined and the V6 receiving a fuel economy rating of 21 miles per gallon from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Keep in mind; these are for Grand Cherokees equipped with all-wheel drive. The V6 doesn’t require premium fuel but the V8 recommends premium, but it isn’t essential.


The Grand Cherokee has over eight years in the market. Although it’s been refreshed a few times in its lifetime, the basic design is the same as when it debuted. The Grand Cherokee’s styling embodies the look of the modern SUV: rugged and masculine, yet refined and tasteful.   

The overall color palette of the vehicle is dark with all trim, grille, and non-body-color pieces in black, which is named “Liquid Titanium,” or it also comes in the Limited X’s exclusive hue of “Granite Crystal.” The theme isn’t as dark, but all bright and shiny elements have been cast out. As well as the dark faux-wood accent pieces, the high-grade black plastic and the interior that features black leather.   


The Limited X paired with the Grand Cherokee’s base 3.6-liter V6 that produces 295 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. The Limited X has 6,200 lbs of torque to get it moving. It’s a bit more than the 5,000-lb limit that we’re used to seeing from V6 engines, the unboosted versions.

With the handling, braking, and steering, the Limited X is aided by its aggressive wheel-and-tire combo. It contributes to a stiffer ride that makes the Grand Cherokee’s handling more confident with slightly higher limits of adhesion in turns. It’s working progress from the SRT or the Trackhawk.    

The engine is the real charmer. The 3.6-liter gives enough power for all of the driving that drivers want. Off-road, the front wheels can spin briefly before the active driveline engages the rears.  


The Limited X is designed for neither on-road performance or off-road ventures, yet with its relatively large 20-inch wheels, the performance tires create a firmer ride. The seating and spaciousness inside the Limited X are as good as any other Grand Cherokee. When it comes to size, it’s not the most substantial mid-size crossover, but it’s plenty large for a family of four.    


Grand Cherokee went all out on its safety features. They made blind-spot monitoring with rear-cross-path detection standard on all trim levels. There is also the Ready-Alert Braking, which stops the brakes for full stopping force in case of an emergency situation. Rear parking sensors with automatic stopping, which brakes the jeep when an object is detected behind the vehicle, is also standard.  


The Grand Cherokee Limited X has a base price of $44,095 (plus destination fee).

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