Road Trip Games for the Kids: Just in time for Thanksgiving

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With Thanksgiving around the corner, many people are preparing to make a road trip to spend the holiday with family or friends. Even if that trip means several hours in close quarters or a spacious Town and Country, traveling to see family during the holidays can be a fun adventure — if you are prepared. Depending on the length of the trip and the ages of the passengers, kids may begin to get bored and become fidgety.

Unfortunately books and coloring may cause kids to get sick, but car games are a great solution to keep your kids and yourself from concentrating on the time spent in the car.  Read below for a couple excellent car games that are easy and fun to play for everyone.

Road Bingo

Road Bingo is a great game for the car. Not only does it  keep kids entertained for long periods of time, they also pay attention to their new surroundings. Road Bingo can be revamped for each road trip depending on the destination or time of year you are traveling. For instance when traveling for  Thanksgiving a couple related things you might see are a pumpkin, or a sign that says “turkey” or “Happy Thanksgiving.”

This game does require a little preparation before the trip. Instead of numbers and letters, you can create custom bingo cards with pictures or words that kids are likely to see on the way. Things to include are barns, animals, churches, police cars, etc.

There are several websites that allow you to customize and print bingo boards that will automatically generate different square combinations. **Don’t forget to bring enough markers for each player so they can mark the square once the object is seen.

How to Play: Once a player crosses off five squares in a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical line they win. Make multiple copies so this game can be played repeatedly or so the kids can play with multiple boards at once. 

The Name Game

This game is a good game for road trips where there may not be much to look at outside. Like Road Bingo this game can be changed up to make it apply to different activities such as camping, picnics, the beach, to Grandma’s house, etc.

How to Play: “I’m going to LOCATION and I’m going to bring…” Start with the first letter of the alphabet, and name an object that corresponds with that letter — such as Apples. The next person after must state all of the things previously listed and then announce a new item for the next letter in the alphabet. You can either require items that are typical of the location or allow for some creativity and let them name anything under the sun.

Example: First turn: “I’m going to Grandma’s house  and I’m going to bring an apple.”

Turn 2: “I’m going to Grandma’s house and I’m going to bring an apple and a baseball.”

Turn 3”: “I’m going to Grandma’s house and I’m going to bring an apple, baseball and a cat.”

Twenty Questions

This is another popular game that can be played while on long stretches of the road where there isn’tmuch around.

How to Play: One player thinks of an item or an object. The other passengers in the car take turns asking “yes” or “no” questions in an attempt to guess the object. Each player can guess the object during his or her turn. If the guess is correct, they then choose the next item or object, but if they guess wrong, they are out and others continue playing until the item is guessed.

Playing games during road trips helps to pass the time and provides mental stimulation for the driver and passengers. Games also encourage positive interaction between family members and can help kids learn.Thanksgiving-road-trip-bingo

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