Secrets to the Jeep Wrangler’s Success

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For over three decades, both Americans and Jeepers across the globe have deemed their Jeep Wrangler vehicles as reliable and affordable high-performance SUVs. From those that have been riding around their Wranglers for years to those who recently got behind the wheel of their first Wrangled, there are plenty of enthusiasts who gladly bank on the model’s spirit. There are plenty of reasons why the Jeep Wrangler remains on the best-seller lists model year after model year and we’ve singled out five of them in case buyers need one last push before taking the plunge. 


The Wrangler is notorious for setting the tone when it comes to off-roading SUVs. As a Trail-Rated 4×4 SUV, the Wrangler can make its way through sand, mud, snow, and any other serious terrain without breaking a sweat. Buyers can rely on the standard Command-Trac 4×4 system that conveniently splits the torque evenly between the front and the back tires. 

Resale Value

According to Kelley Blue Book, the Jeep Wrangler is one of the top vehicles that maintains more than half of its original value after five years. This fact alone places the Wrangler among the most long-lasting values in the automotive industry, thus making it a good investment for those buyers that want a vehicle for the long haul that won’t disappoint with its value on the way out. Durability of individual parts, combined with the current low gas prices, are among the top two factors that make the Wrangler an attractive and reliable option for Jeepers to own. 

Fun to Drive

It goes without saying that the Wrangler is one of the most fun vehicles to drive in the current market. Thanks to its iconic look, complete with its classic seven-slot grille, its removable windshield and doors, kicking fender flares, and its seemingly endless top combinations, the Wrangler is the perfect vehicle for owners to express their own style. There’s also an available nine-speaker Alpine premium sound system and a weatherproof subwoofer for those that want only the best sound as they customize their Jeep experience. 

Special Editions 

The Wrangler isn’t only known for its durability, part of its notoriety also comes from its versatility. Ever since its official inception and debut back in 1986, Jeep has offered buyers more than a dozen Special Edition trims over the years. Each Special edition trim usually features additional improvements, features and other amenities that buyers have come to expect, with some editions also featuring improvements that significantly improve off-road performance. What are classically considered as optioned amenities — think advanced safety features, premium sound systems and more — often come standard on these special editions and play into the idea that there’s a Wrangler for everybody out there. 


Jeep is continuously innovating to meet the needs of a fast-changing market, especially when it comes to consumer tastes and government regulations for vehicle efficiency. Engineers have not stopped making improvements year after year, thus fueling the model’s excellent sales numbers. After a full-blown revamp back in 2018, Jeep will continue innovating with the upcoming addition of two new powertrains — a plug-in hybrid variant and an EcoDiesel engine. Jeep Wrangler production is set to remain in Toledo, OH, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is proudly domestically-made. 

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