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August 4th, 2021 by

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Stellantis, Jeep and Chrysler’s recently-minted parent company dropped a ton of news regarding its electrification strategy at its worldwide EV day. The auto manufacturer was forthcoming about some of the models currently in the works, including an all-electric Dodge muscle car, an all-electric Jeep Wrangler, and even an all-electric Ram 1500 pickup. While that’s all very nice and good, where does it leave the Chrysler brand? Although a forthcoming design was not announced at the EV Day events, the brand remains present. According to Stellantis’ EV Day presentation, the iconic American automaker is still in play moving forward. Given the rise of electric vehicles and how quickly automakers are working to adapt, it’s very likely that Chrysler has a surprise vehicle right around the corner. 

Beyond the successful Pacifica, reworked Voyager, and robust-but-aging 300 models, the Chrysler brand is overdue for some new blood. Automotive enthusiasts and experts alike believe a sleek-looking EV concept they got a glance of during the EV Day presentations may hold the key to bringing Chrysler up to date. Throughout the presentation, it was chief designed Ralph Gilles giving a few conceptual walkarounds, stating:

“As designers, we see this [electrification strategy] as a tailwind — an exciting opportunity to take our loyal customers on a new journey.”

Chrysler’s aim, beyond running a successful business, is to be a brand that looks forward and incorporates burgeoning technology. Should the EV concept shown throughout the presentation be a vehicle that’s destined to wear the Chrysler badge, it would certainly be a departure from the Chrysler that experts currently know. An all-new EV production should bring a futuristic-looking interior, as well as plenty of cabin room, sharp design lines, all-electric functionality, and much more. 

This possible upcoming Chrysler EV will be tasked with introducing Stellantis’ modern EV platform — STLA. Specifically, experts thinks this concept model will be built on the STLA Large platform, the very same one that’s expected to bolster Dodge’s EV muscle car. Stellantis is planning four modular EV platforms in total, all with varying battery capacity. On the STLA Large platform, this Chrysler concept counts up to 118 kWh of battery capacity and an all-electric range of up to 500 miles. Figures will be solidified if the concept makes it to the production stage. 

Unlike the other concrete EV plans from Stellantis, there currently is no word on when — or even if — Chrysler will take this from concept to production. Nevertheless, the iconic American brand is expected to mark in lockstep with all the other brands under the Stellantis umbrella. Hopefully there’ll be more concrete information soon as Chrysler is being granted one decade by Stellantis to update its lineup and enter the electrification age. 

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