The Jeep Winter Experience

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Hollywood Chrysler Jeep The Jeep Winter Experience

Mountain lovers and Jeep owners unite – the brand recently announced that a wild and beautiful landscape has been chosen for the Jeep Winter Experience event. CampZero, an active resort located in the Italian Alps, will serve as the base for the Jeep Winter Experience throughout the 2018-2019 Winter Season. Intended to offer some of the toughest and most demanding terrain, the Jeep Winter Experience will give enthusiasts an immersive and memorable experience meant to showcase the engineering, reliability, and safety of Jeep vehicles. Participants will be able to enjoy mountain activities and on- and off-road drives alike at the wheel of various vehicles from the Jeep lineup – all while highlighting the pleasure of the journey more than the highlight of a destination.

For many, the Jeep Winter Experience feels like a natural next step when we take into account that the brand has been on an extraordinary journey of continuous growth over these past twelve months – with a seasonal event highlighting each step of the way. Jeep SUVs are expected to take on busy city streets, vast highways, sand, mud, and even rock with a bonafide degree of effortlessness; thus it’s only normal for Jeep to want to shine in frosty conditions as well. The Summer of Camp Jeep hosted in Spielberg, Austria earlier this year (2018) allowed the brand to introduce the latest Wrangler to international media and eventually gave way to a journey from the Alpine peaks to the sunny streets of Italy’s Mediterranean. As Autumn loomed on the horizon, the Jeep brand chose to showcase the latest Cherokee in their lineup as one of the more versatile SUVs on the market with its legendary 4×4 off-road capability, authentic and modern design, and excellent on-road handling.

As the last bit of dry leaves hit the ground and white snow blankets the Alps, the Jeep brand will be ready in the Valle d’Aosta region of Italy with its fully refreshed range of product, engine options, design, connectivity systems, and even advanced safety systems. The brand’s numerous sophisticated 4×4 systems will be the main focus, especially as Jeep attempts to capitalize on the rising popularity of their entry-level Renegade model and its Active Drive capabilities. It goes without saying that the iconic Jeep Wrangler will also get its chance to shine thanks to its own high-performing Rock Trac 4×4 system in the Rubicon trim, while other vehicles in the Jeep lineup will showcase the Selec-Terrain traction control system that offers several driving modes – auto, snow, sport, sand/mud, and rock. Some of the advanced safety features being showcased are as follows: Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Hill Descent Control.

Mopar is also getting in on the fun as they’ve customized both, a Wrangler and a Renegade that’ll be on display in front of CampZero. Both vehicles have been enhanced to conquer even the most extreme of winter activities, with ski racks on the roof of the Wrangler and a snowboard rack on the Renegade. Accent decals, black elements that evoke a menacing sporty look, and many other exclusive accessories from Mopar’s repertoire that offer the broadest and most complete customization options. Sadly, this event is happening exclusively abroad, but it’s an excellent activity that shows just how committed the Jeep brand is to its loyal fan base. Owning a Jeep vehicle is the equivalent of joining a special club, and the brand goes above and beyond to continuously cultivate that type of atmosphere.

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