The New Cherokee Could Help the Jeep Brand Reach 1 Million Global Sales in 2014

January 14th, 2014 by

The Jeep
has certainly gotten off to a promising start.
You’ve likely noticed quite a few buzzing around the Miami, FL
area, but it isn’t just winning over local drivers; the Cherokee tallied huge
sales numbers across the country in its first two months of availability.

Registering over 30,000 deliveries, the brass has
been pretty pleased with its preliminary performance. Now that the model is
gearing up for the European market, things could get even more interesting.
Referring to the brand’s record-setting 731,565 global sales, Jeep president
Mike Manley recently stated, “If the new Cherokee is successful here and
in international markets, we should be able to take a big chunk out of that
remaining 300,000 we need for the

Manley went on to cautiously explain that he
expects the company to sell one million vehicles in 2015. However, Sergio
Marchionne, chief executive officer of Chrysler Group LLC upped the ante when
he predicted, “We are going to break the million mark this year.”1

Here Hollywood Chrysler Jeep, we’re picking up what
Marchionne is laying down and it isn’t just wishful thinking, either. We’ve
heard reports that automaker will assemble 250,000 Cherokee models in 2014. Once
the doors to Europe open we assume that every last one will get scooped up. When
you factor that figure into the equation, the Jeep brand really wouldn’t have
to go much further to reach 1 million sales by the end of the year.

So that’s our opinion. To see why we’re so confident
in the lineup, stop by our showroom to check out a Jeep vehicle for yourself.

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