Top 3 Wrangler Modifications You’ll Need Before Off-roading

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Budding Jeepers should always learn a thing or two before taking their Jeep off-road. For example, aftermarket parts are common among Jeep Wrangler vehicles because these extras add an exceptional level of efficiency when it comes to conquering a trail. While some parts are intended to protect the vehicle, others are designed to enhance the off-roading experience. We’ve compiled the top three must-have Jeep Wrangler modifications for any off-roading enthusiast.

Must-Have #1: A Winch

This is the single most important modification any Jeeper can add to their Wrangler. Not having one in case of emergency feels downright foolish and many have learned this lesson the hard way when they’ve found themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere. A winch is a mechanism that consists of a steel rope or cable that’s wrapped around a drum, it can be extended manually or electronically to generate tension and works as a towing device to free a vehicle that’s stuck. A manual winch comes with an arm crank that requires manpower to pull a vehicle to safety, while an electric winch has a motor that does all the work. The winch is usually attached to the front bumper and rides around with its cables coiled and locked in place around the drum. To pull a vehicle to safety a person must first loosen the cable or rope and attach it to a fixed (read: something heavy like a big tree or rock) point before working up the tension to begin the towing and pulling motion. Winches pull Wranglers out of ditches, sand dunes, even over massive rocks on which they may get stuck – the possibilities are endless and drivers will be grateful they’ve got one when the time comes.

Must-Have #2:

We cannot stress it enough: off-roaders must have the proper tires to conquer different types of terrain. Tire needs will vary depending on the environment and usage of the vehicle. If mudding is the main type of off-roading activity then mud tires are the best fit. If the Wrangler in question is a weekend warrior then all terrain tires are more suitable as they can perform both off-road and during the Monday through Friday commute. The size of the tires matters too, and a larger tire can definitely giver drivers an advantage when driving off-road on more extreme terrain – if choosing to go bigger than the stock tires, off-roaders should also re-gear the differential to even out the changes to the vehicle.

Must-Have #3: A Lift kit

A lift kit is the most common aftermarket part that gets added to a Jeep Wrangler. Lifting a Jeep increases the clearance of the vehicle, making it easy to drive over big obstacles without getting stuck. Additionally, a lift makes it safer to go waterfording as it can help the Wrangler cross through water without wetting important components. The lift size depends on the activity that’s planned, with a basic spring lift being the most common when it comes to driving over large boulders and across large bodies of water. Tire size is also important when it comes to lift kits and should be taken into account and the lift size be adjusted accordingly.

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