The Hottest Aftermarket Soft Top for the JL Wrangler is Here!

October 2nd, 2018 by

We recently published our guide to removing Jeep JL Wrangler Jeep tops, and we’ve helped possible buyers determine which Jeep top is right for them, but now we’ve got an even cooler way for Jeepers to enjoy that fresh air they crave. The nation’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket Jeep soft tops and accessories, Bestop, just announced the arrival of their first premium soft top for the new JL-generation Jeep Wrangler. The launch of the SUNRIDER™ FOR HARDTOP really helps Jeepers combine the best of both worlds with the addition of an all-purpose, all-weather, year-round soft top that easily flips back for an open-air experience.

Initially launched in 2016 for the JK-generation Wrangler, the Bestop SUNRIDER™ FOR HARDTOP was the first aftermarket product to provide hardtop Wrangler owners instant access to a semi-convertible experience without forcing them to remove the entire hardtop roof. The SUNRIDER™ FOR HARDTOP quickly became a best-selling accessory so it was only a matter of time before one for the JL-generation Wrangler hit the market.

Current owners of any JK-generation Wrangler vehicles who were looking to upgrade in the distant future shouldn’t despair, the all-new SUNRIDER™ FOR HARDTOP fits both the JK-generation Wrangler (2007 – 2018) and the current JL-generation, making this a valuable long-term investment that can be enjoyed for years to come.

How it Works

The SUNRIDER™ FOR HARDTOP requires the simple removal of the hardtop’s existing freedom panels – the two panels on the front of the cabin that simply come off by undoing the L-shaped latches that attach it to the roof. Once removed, the Bestop SUNRIDER™ FOR HARDTOP just requires a 30-minute installation process, and comes with two mounting rails that help level the soft top and an allen wrench – zero power tools needed! Once installed, the soft top works just like a convertible top, sliding back and letting the sun beams in.

More durable than a soft top, and less of a hassle than the hardtop, the SUNRIDER™ FOR HARDTOP accessory manages to transform something that’s often laborious into something fun. It’s almost as if both original tops came to a compromise and met in the middle.

In fact, the SUNRIDER™ FOR HARDTOP is so useful and popular that even off-roading racing icon Casey Currie is raving about it, saying “The SUNRIDER™ FOR HARDTOP makes the Jeeping experience better in every way – I love how easy it is to flip open and let the sun in. It’s an absolute must-have!”


The SUNRIDER™ FOR HARDTOP is expected to be available come mid-October on a first-come-first-served basis, meaning there are limited quantities available for sale. Bestop distributors are already taking pre-orders, as is Available in two different styles – ultra-premium Black Twill or factory-style Black Sailcloth, the SUNRIDER™ FOR HARDTOP has a starting retail price of $699.

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